Appeal for You The Law Offices of Maureen Williams

Law Offices of Maureen williams has been appealing for criminal defendants since 1993. Appealing on your behalf takes many forms. From appealing to a prosecutor at the investigative stage, to appealing to the prosecutor to rethink his case, to appealing to a jury. Then there is the appealing to a judge for a lenient sentence, appealing to a judge to allow you to withdraw a guilty plea, or finally appealing to a higher court to correct the lower court’s or other governmental errors.

Attorney Maureen Williams takes her role as advocate for you very seriously. We at the Law Offices of Maureen Williams know that the process you are going through can be significantly less painful and stressful if you have an advocate by your side– a fighter looking out for you, protecting your rights, advising you every step of the way and making you feel you have a fighter in your corner. You will be up against what will seem like a solid threesome at times– the prosecutor, the police, and the court. You could benefit from a protector with a steel determination to counter the government and allow you to gain the best result possible. Even something as simple as returning calls is a guarantee, because The Law Offices of Maureen Williams knows it is just that– simple for us to do, but means the world to our clients.

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